HESI Testing

HESI testing dates at The Vocational Nursing Institute are as follows:

Test Dates:
The 3rd Thursday of each month from January - May each year.

New test date: Dec. 10th, 2018

May 2017 We will be offering HESI tests every Tuesday and Thursday

Test Time: 10 am - 2pm You must complete the exam within four hours!
Arrival Time on test dates: 9:15 am

Please call the school at 832-237-2525 to register for the HESI test.

Registration Required: HESI testing will be conducted for all students that pre-pay and register at least 10 business days in advance.

All fees paid for HESI testing are non-refundable. Once a test is paid for and scheduled, there are no refunds issued. HESI requests all payments be provided at least ten business days in advance or they will charge the candidate for testing a RUSH fee of $250.00 bringing total price for those who do not register timely to $299.99.

IMPORTANT NOTE: (4 hours is allotted for the test, at 4 hours, the student will be asked to exit the exam)

For detailed information on the sections of the HESI exam administered at VNI click here.

Fingerprinting Information: